Five Fishermen Rescued by PT LISI Crew | HITS

Five Fishermen Rescued by PT LISI Crew

published on : 2020, December 14

Jakarta, - 5 fishermen who had their boat drowned since Sunday, 6th December, 2020 at around 14.00 LT, were rescued by Kalimantan II vessel operated by PT LIS International (LISI) which was working on Patimban Port dredging project. PT LISI is a subsidiary of PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk. (HITS)


It was evacuated on 7th December, 2020 at 07.00 LT, when the Kalimantan II vessel was heading to the dumping area 8 nautical miles from Patimban port and found 5 people adrift on the sea using potluck buoys. The 5 fishermen drowned in Muara Angke, were carried by the current to Patimban and floated for almost 24 hours on the sea of Patimban.


"It is our duty who operate at sea, when something happens with nearby vessel, we are obliged to help," said Dedi Hudayana, President Director of PT LISI.


The small boat made of wood headed by Kardani Indramayu was informed that it rolled over after being hit by the waves, the current weather factor that must be monitored continuously.


PT LISI team immediately provided assistance and loaded that 5 people onto the boat and changed their clothes and provided food and blankets.


Their condition was very weak when they were rescued and put on board at Kalimantan II vessel operated by PT LISI. After being helped and given enough food until their condition improved, they were immediately reported to the project safety section to ask medical personnel to come and take them to the hospital for further assistance.


That five fishermen were evacuated by Kalimantan II vessel and were rescued from the scene, then they were given medical treatment. There are still 14 years old kid among that fishermen, thank God all of them are safe, said Dedi.