Visitation of PT Bank Bukopin Tbk to ST Ekaputra | HITS

Visitation of PT Bank Bukopin Tbk to ST Ekaputra

published on : 2010, October 06

Bontang,- Team of Commercial Credit of PT Bank Bukopin Tbk conduct a visitation to ST Ekaputra, LNG ship owned PT Humpuss Intermoda Transport Tbk (PT HIT Tbk), Wednesday (6/10). On the visitation,  Head of Commercial Credit Division I Achmad Fachmi, was accepted directly by Sapto Basuki, President Director of PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia (PT HTK) and Djoko Sudjono, Director of HTK, a subsidiary of PT HIT Tbk.

"The visitation was held within the framework of enhancing cooperation that was going, because business Bukopin in line with business segmentation PT HIT Tbk," said Fachmi on his visit.

"We also feel proud of visitation Bukopin Team, where on January 26, 2010, PT HTK, a subsidiary of PT HIT Tbk, has formed a partnership Bukopin. Today we invite Bukopin to see our largest ship, the ship of ST Ekaputra, which is an LNG tanker that was built in 1990 to load LNG of Pertamina in Bontang, "said Sapto.

According Sapto, PT HTK exploit niche markets cabottage with the enforcement of the principle which requires that marine transportation in the country must use the flag of Indonesia, where PT HTK will attempt to continue to maintain partnerships with well-established through funding and lending facilities. And this partnership will continue to be sustainable so that it will improve operations and maintained the operational quality of our vessels so that more efficient and productive.
Sapto also continue, the visit was very positive, even many insights and ideas that can be extracted and drawn from the results of this working visit. "This is very positive at all, hopefully this agenda could continue to go, once again we thank you," he said.

Meanwhile, Fachmi said, hope of this co-operation will increasingly facilitate PT HIT Tbk to get banking access especially to Bank Bukopin to further develop their business. (PR)