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Humpuss Intermoda's Add One Tanker for Business Growth

published on : 2023, May 10


JAKARTA, May 10, 2023 – Infrastructure and Energy Distribution company, PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk. (“Stock code: HITS” or “Company”) added one unit of chemical tanker to support the Company's business growth.


Tonny Aulia Achmad, President Director of HITS explained that the methanol vessel from PT Pelayaran Korindo will start operating under a subsidiary of PT Hutama Trans Kencana (Matrans). According to him, the presence of this additional fleet will further strengthen the Company's performance growth.

Currently the Company is on the right track to further improve its performance. Until the end of 2022, The Company’s Operating Revenues in 2022 amounted to US$112.24 million, an increase of 32.07% or the equivalent of US$27.25 million compared to the achievement in the previous year of US$84.99 million. The increase was mainly due to increase in the vessel charter business, especially in the chemical, LNG, Support Vessel and FSRU and Oil sectors.

"The oil and petrochemical transportation business is still one of the main contributors to the Company's revenue last year, amounting to US$17.5 million and US$26.31 million respectively," he explained.

LNG transportation and offshore support vessels are also the main contributors to HITS' revenue, amounting to US$28.6 million and US$17.27 million respectively. In total, the Company's vessel charter service last year contributed US$110.6 million in revenue.

Tonny said, the increase in revenue was supported by obtaining new contracts, adding vessels and optimizing better utilization compared to 2021. Apart from that, with efficiency efforts, operating expenses also fell so that the Company managed to make a significant profit.

"In 2022, HITS recorded Profit for the Year in 2022 of US$11.28 million, an increase of 187.40% or the equivalent of US$24.19 million compared to 2021 where the Company recorded Profit for the Year of US$12.91 million. This increase was mainly due to increase in the company’s revenue as well as decrease in the company’s operating costs and the decrease in the company’s financial costs. " he added.


He added, the potential in the oil and petrochemical transport ship sector is still very large in line with the strong national economic growth. Therefore, HITS decided to add a new tanker to capture this potential.

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