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HUMPUSS shares their AMOS system for the first

published on : 2009, March 12

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Bagoes Krisnamoerti, The President Director of PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia (HTK), Jakarta, Indonesia, speaks about their first vessel going live with AMOS. He deliverd a speech during the MnP Live Session Support at HTK Operation Unit, on last 5th March.

Spectec is proud to report his speech:

"Finally, AMOS has been on live for 1st vessel of Humpuss, MT Griya Asmat, after passing through the critical 2009 recession period. We thank to all the related parties who have supported for this success implementation, such as Mr. Chinta Srinivasan (SpecTec Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.), Mr. Agus Utomo and his MIS team, Operations department, and Logistic & Purchasing dept. We hope this success implementation will continue for other vessels and other AMOS modules in the Business Suite.

We and HTK Management hope that AMOS can help us to manage our shipping business more efficient, reduce direct operation expenses, improve our fleet's performances, and finally boost our business income.

Operation dept is key factor for AMOS success implementation, both for operation shipping crews and office operation and purchasing team. Therefore, they have to give their efforts to continue succeeding implementation.

Once again our special thanks to Mr. Chinta Srinivasan, we hope SpecTec can continue to support us and make sure that all AMOS modules will be implemented on our fleets properly to benefit with the operational efficiency, improved fleet performance and reduced operational expenses."