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HITS Embraces the Potential of the Children of Papua to Grow Maritime Development

published on : 2022, January 28


Jakarta, January 28, 2022. PT ETSI Hutama Maritim (ETSI), a business segment developed by PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk. (IDX: HITS) in the PT Misi Hutama Internasional (MISI) Group is committed to develop the children of the pearl area from the east which is under the responsibility of the Ampari Vocational School of Jayapura City on the sidelines of the 2022 HITS Kick Off in Jakarta (28/1), through co-signed cooperation for development and training. Present at the signing were all ranks of the HITS Group along with the Principal of the West Papua Vocational School, Indeleti SJ Ansanay, Spd and the team.


"HITS's emphasis is on the social aspect of the ESG component (environmental, social and governance) and one of the improvements is in the quality of human resources, where apart from being for HITS people, we are also very concerned about the growth and development of our officer candidates and opening up opportunities for local people from the east,” said President Director of HITS Kemal Imam Santoso.


The empowerment that is also to improve the quality of the children of Papua in the maritime or shipping sector is very much needed to provide added value to the ecosystem built by the Regional Head. "Then, this is what emerged cooperation in the field of education," said Kemal. 


Johan Novitrian, Director of the ETSI Hutama Maritim-Training Center belonging to HITS, explained that the need for crew members continues to increase every year, an aggressive and synergized program is needed with Maritime Schools in Indonesia. The growth of the crew will be in line with the growth of the development of the quality of its human resources.


In order to achieve this target, it is necessary to have skilled, reliable human resources with initial certification for ships that are legally issued by Sea Transportation. "For this reason, ETSI plays a very big role in helping Ampari Vocational High School students to align their competence with Vocational Schools in other areas," added Johan.


"This activity is the kick-off of the ESG program related to the development of maritime industry human resources for the children of Papua, which is fully supported by HITS as the holding company through education and training, and certification," said Director of MISI as well as Director of HITS Dedi Hudayana. 


Johan said the Company's target to carry out digital transformation in the form of automation for technology-based maritime education service providers and content is not only to reform learning methods but will be able to change various aspects of the world of education. "Our target, with the preparation of technology to produce educational content, students outside Java will have qualifications and international standards," said Johan with ambitions.


ETSI is asked not to waste this opportunity. Dedi said that one of the efforts in the world of education is believed to strengthen the 'People' structure to realize the Company's vision. 


Dedi wants ETSI's cooperation relationship with various maritime schools to be evenly distributed, not only leaning towards certain schools.  “Cooperation without forcing business interests, the goal is purely for the benefit of human resources," said Dedi.


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