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Internal Audit

The Company Internal Audit function is carried out by the Internal Audit Unit responsible directly to the President. The Internal Audit Division also has direct access to the Audit Committee to coordinate and manage information relating to the activities and results of the audit.


The Internal Audit Unit has a strategic role in supporting the achievement of the company’s performance through the audit process. The Internal Audit Unit plays a role in the prevention of fraud, fraud detection, and fraud investigation.




The Company’s policy regarding Internal Audit Unit is contained in the Internal Audit Charter established on June 11, 2010 approved by the Board of Commissioners and used as guidelines and code of conduct for the internal audit unit in performing its duties and responsibilities professionally and independently.


The Internal Audit Charter describes the following:

1. Professional Requirements
2. Obligations
3. Duties, Responsibilities and Authorities
4. Meetings and Meetings
5. Reporting
6. Work Rate